First ER Training promotion

The first promotion of compositors in Nuke from ER Training has finished their internship period after six months of intensive work, in which they have been able to learn first-hand what day-to-day life is like in a visual effects company. ER Training was born half a year ago as an initiative aimed at students with academic training at Nuke, taught at a school with which El Ranchito can maintain some kind of agreement. The first class to come out of ER Training is made up of twelve boys and girls from all over Spain, chosen after two selection processes: one in which their CV and their demoreel were assessed, and another in which they had to pass a test. During their first three months of internship they received several masterclasses given by senior composers from El Ranchito. The last three months were dedicated to working in a supervised manner, collaborating on plans for real national and international projects, which will soon be seen on the screens. They have all worked side by side with renowned VFX artists from El Ranchito and have had the opportunity to learn alongside them in what has been their first work experience for many.