Mundos Digitales 2024

Last weekend (July 4th to 6th), we had the pleasure of attending Mundos Digitales, the International Congress on Animation, Visual Effects, and New Media. This event, which brings together professionals and enthusiasts in the field, was a unique opportunity to share knowledge and connect with other professionals and future professionals in the industry.


During the event, we conducted two very interesting presentations on two projects we have been involved in: the HALO series (Paramount+) with the conference HALOcina! and The Snow Society (Netflix) with A Window to the Andes.

A Window to the Andes
Manuel Ramírez, Director of studio


Explaining how the virtual production process has been applied in The Snow Society, developing the recreation of the Valley of Tears, and creating a digital double of the entire real location to plan the shooting.

Carlos Hernández - Head of 3d, álvaro moya - compositing supervisor, david blanco - fx supervisor


Diving into the internal process carried out by the 3D, FX, and Compositing departments in the second season of HALO, which has represented a significant leap in quality compared to the already incredible effects of the first installment.

Job Fair.
Estela Cid, Director of People & Culture, David Gacituaga - head of fx

In addition to our presentations, we also had a prominent participation in the event's job fair. This fair gave us the opportunity to interact with emerging talent and experienced professionals, with the goal of strengthening our team and continuing to drive innovation in our projects with our team of artists and our Director of People & Culture, Estela Cid.
Attending Mundos Digitales has been a unique experience, not only to share our advancements and knowledge but also to learn from other leaders in the sector.

Thank you for the opportunity and see you at future events!