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Our Story

El Ranchito was founded in 2004 by a group of renowned visual effects professionals, led by Félix Bergés, with a clear objective: to seek excellence in our work. From this vision, great challenges and opportunities have arisen, which have made us become an international reference studio.

Our staff, formed by more than 200 recognized professionals in the industry, offers solutions to our clients in a close, flexible and creative way, from our facilities in Madrid and Barcelona to any part of the world.

El Ranchito is a project that was born with the dream of creating a space where experience, knowledge and teamwork were a fundamental part of its activity. Each project is a challenge and an opportunity to show our enormous capacity to make the impossible possible.

As a result of our track record we are now part of the international visual effects group Pitch Black Company, which also includes FuseFX, FOLKS and Rising Sun Pictures. Together we are a workforce of over 1,400 artists around the world, spread across thirteen locations in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Saguenay, Adelaide, Brisbane, Bogota, Madrid, Barcelona and Mumbai.


Our Vision

Having global visibility allows us to attract and retain the best talent, producing a positive impact on society.

Our Mission

Contribute to the growth of the VFX industry, outstanding Spanish talent and providing the best solutions to our clients.


Values define our culture, team and contribution to the industry. We highlight three of them as fundamental.



Providing the best solutions to our clients thanks to a permanent creative challenge.



Our team is a partner and friend. We feel the trust between us and it is reflected in our projects.



We achieve the impossible with energy, effort, optimism and enthusiasm.


The Pitch Black company is a global house of award-winning creative brands with a rich history in digital production for film, television and streaming media. Credited with some of the most iconic cinematic moments, the group is a powerhouse of industry-leading talent and technologies across the world’s hottest production and rebate locations.

Pitch Black brings together world-leading visual effects studios, FuseFX, FOLKS, Rising Sun Pictures, and El Ranchito.
Each brand strives separately and together in a rewarding, creative environment that delivers positive and long-lasting impact for employees, clients, and their communities. Fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, innovation and excellence, we create a personalized experience with the scale of a global workforce capable of delivering projects at every scale and complexity.

The company employs over 1,400 personnel across thirteen worldwide estudio locations in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Atlanta, Montréal, Toronto, Bogotá, Saguenay, Mumbai, Adelaide, Brisbane, Madrid & Barcelona. Pitch Black is a portfolio company of investment funds managed by EagleTree Capital, a New York City-based private equity firm.

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