Awarded by the Nebrija University

El Ranchito has been awarded in the first edition of the Nebrija Contemporary Creation Awards (Nebrija Crea), awarded by the Faculty of Communication and Arts of the Nebrija University and born with the aim of becoming an artistic reference that transcends university classrooms and inspires students of the degrees related to creation, since it is they who choose the winners. El Ranchito has won the Nebrija Crea in the Digital Arts category, and shares the honor of inaugurating these new awards with the musical Billy Elliot, winner in the Performing Arts category, the multidisciplinary artist Pilar Albarracín, recognition in Fine Arts, and the Ecoalf sustainable fashion firm, in Fashion. Gonzalo Carrión, general director of El Ranchito, was in charge of collecting the prize, which he received from Mar Ramos Rodríguez, director of the Degree in Digital and Multimedia Design. Carrión highhted in his speech that the employees of El Ranchito are natural people who, contrary to what might seem from the outside, do a very artisan work, full of challenges and "slaps of reality."