El Ranchito recreates Tenochtitlán

El Ranchito participates in Hernán. El hombre, the television series that the Mexican producer Dopamine, with the collaboration of the Spanish producers Onza Entertainment, is filming between Mexico and Spain. Hernán. El hombre is an epic drama that narrates the discovery and conquest of Mexico in the sixteenth century by the Extremaduran conquistador Hernán Cortés and his troops. The series, of eight chapters, makes a very faithful portrait of historical events and recreates, for the first time, the mythical city of Tenochtitlán, capital of the Mexica Empire, and of which hardly any remains are preserved. Tenochtitlán, of whose digital reconstruction El Ranchito is responsible, was built on an old island in the lake of Texcoco in 1325 and on its ruins the present Mexican capital was built. Amazon Prime Video will be the platform that will broadcast in Spain and Latin America Hernán. El hombre, a series in which the characters featuring will be Oscar Jaenada, as Hernán Cortés, who is accompanied by other Spanish actors such as Víctor Clavijo and Aura Garrido, as Capitan Cristóbal de Olid and Doña Juana, Michel Brown, Argentinian actor, as Capitan Alvarado, and Dagoberto Gama and Ishbel Bautista, Mexican actors, as Moctezuma and Malinche. According to the executives responsible, the series is a three-dimensional and sincere look at a man marked by his chiaroscuros and his vision of America, which coincides with the celebration of the 500th  anniversary of his disembarking on the Mexican coasts.