Laila has a BA in Audiovisual Communication from Malaga University, she has worked as a production assistant, video editor, camera operator and photographer. She shifted her professional approach to human resources in 2012 as a VFX Recruiter at Topalsson GmbH & Co in Germany, a role she continued two years later at Trixter. There he was involved in projects such as “Captain Marvel”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Spider Man: Homecoming" or "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. Joined El Ranchito as a Recruitment Manager in 2019 to manage the entire internal recruitment process for VFX, technical and administrative positions for the Madrid and Barcelona’s offices. She also regularly attends networking and industry events for recruitment purposes, such as Siggraph, FMX, Mundos Digitales, B'Ars or Animayo, and scouts potential hirings, assessing the perfect fit with the company. Laila is a keen traveler, enjoys sports and scuba diving, and is a great networker in the VFX and animation industry, with over 20,997 followers on Linkedin.